ACtrip emotions

Our travel attitude - authenticity has its colors!

Buzzing season

Between spring and summer, Paris is buzzing with excitement, hunger for holidays.

Spring is leaving, summer breeze is no longer far away! So let's go (or come) for a ACtrip!

Spring breeze

In the springtime, do you ever know Paris could be like that?


Delighted by red, white, pink cherry blossoms everywhere, whole Paris is immersed in the sweet sweet spring breeze.



And this breeze brings you many many gentle cherry petals of different colors, dancing with you in a sunny and warmer spring day.


Would you like to share this sweet breeze with us?


Paris in cherry blossoms is waiting for you.

Paris Saint Valentine's day

Be a love angle in Paris - say love you to someone you love in a city you love.

Winter fever

Winter, usually cold. We are all waiting for Christmas, dreaming of the Santa Claus, counting the last days before the New Year eve. Sometimes we keep reaching out our hands and expecting the gift that we dream of since long time, while we are never sure and certain to have it.


But remember, party is always going on in Paris and shopping is everywhere in Paris, yes, in Paris, especially during the winter sales period in January and February.


So what are you still waiting for?
Come to join our Paris winter shopping tour and have your winter fever with us!


Autumn emotion

Late autumn, just after the rain, in Paris, even thick clouds could not hide again the blue and clear sky. Beside Parisian Haussmann buildings and its black grey roofs, what comes into your eyes will be surely that yellow autumn leaves. That leaves are everywhere, filling your eyes, filling the air, so yellow, so orange, even turning red, dry and falling down. You, my friend, don’t you want to come with me, dressing the color of autumn, leaving all troubles behind us, just take a random walk in these busy and leisurely Parisian streets. When you feel tired, choose a café in the corner of the street, sit down on the terrace or just beside the windows, take a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, a big beer or a cup of wine, watching the city flowing in this late autumn. The world keeps turning, time keeps flying, but at least, we can enjoy this moment of tranquility and relax, until the night falls, all lights are turned on, Paris is showing you another face, covering you with its charm in the night, everything becomes possible, including love. Yes, I love Paris, and you, will surely feel the same.